About Our Ranch

Gary, Holly, Carter, Grant, & Cole started RTG Ranch in the spring on 2022 in a small Upstate New York town, Norwich. With what started as an idea to have 3 Texas Longhorn steers as mascots of our family-owned company, Rentals To Go (RTG) quickly turned into something much more.

As we started our search for Texas Longhorns in New York we were fortunate to find our mentors Mike Albanese & Dave Brown of Albanese Longhorns. After a couple of visits to Cazenovia, it did not take long to realize we were going to need some “field paint.” In less than a year we have added roughly 90 head of registered Texas Longhorns to go along side our 3 steers in training named R, T, & G! If you have experience in the Longhorn industry, I am sure our addiction does not come as a surprise.

Though we are new to Texas Longhorns, we have spent numerous hours researching pedigrees, attending futurities, and networking with as many people as possible. We are so thankful to everyone we have crossed paths with and who welcomed us with open arms. We are driven to breed for the perfect combination of confirmation, color, and HORN!

We are proud to say the Texas Longhorn industry has brought our family closer together in such a short time. From family dinners and boat rides to business meetings and social gatherings, if there is more than one Brightman in the room there is most definitely going to be Longhorn talk.

Feel free to take a look at our website and check out our herd. We welcome anyone that happens to be in Upstate New York to stop by and say hello as there is almost always someone on the ranch.

Let us know if we can answer any questions!


The Brightman's